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The Mystery of Snake Canyon

Was it worth the wait? Hell yes! I'd wanted to go down Snake Canyon since first picking up the guide book over 18 months ago, even before I'd arrived in Oman. Another bonus was that to get there, we needed to go down Wadi Bani Awf once again, somewhere that I will never get bored […]

The Holy Day

There are definitely more than two ways that people can spend their time on a Friday in Muscat, but being the Holy day in the Islamic week, you can bet on your camel's hump that one of them will be time spent in prayer.

The Village Sheikh

“When I was young, I used to sit with my friends fishing on the beach and I would stare at tour boats of Europeans with intrigue” Fahad is a diving instructor at Euro Dives in Muscat, and took us out on a couple of dives last weekend. I met up again with Fahad at a […]

Tour de… Oman?!

One unexpected highlight of the flight over, was a programme on the 2012 Tour of Oman, raced back in February. Rather than watching a film, this got me in the mood for the blistering temperatures that would await at the end of the flight. In February, the temperatures were reaching 27 degrees centigrade, some of […]