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What Lies Beneath… the Salma Plateau

One final adventure in Oman, and one that I'd backed out of a couple of times. The road up to the Salma Plateau was known to be a tough drive and steep. Since the rains recently, I'd not wanted to venture up the route on my own, so when The Guide Oman said they were […]

Dhofar: the end of Oman

For a brief moment, it crossed my mind to actually drive down to Salalah. With petrol being so cheap in Oman, it would be quite a road trip of 1000km from Muscat, travelling the length of the country. And I probably would have made the 10-hour drive, if I didn’t have to drive back! A […]

Colours of Muscat

Oman is not all yellows, browns and greys of the sand and rock – there are splashes of colour everywhere in Muscat's Al Qurum Park.

The Well Fortified Wadi Al Hawqayn

February bypassed me in Oman. We spent two weeks elsewhere in the middle of the month and then had a weekend after the holiday to recover (!), leaving us then in March! So, after a short Hiatus, I went back on the road. It had been a while since I'd explored anywhere new in the […]

Surf & Sand near Fins

Stopped off near Fins Beach for a quick look a the surf and came across a few friendly crabs scuttling in between the rocks on the beach front. With bright red streaks on their legs, and blue and orange speckles on their backs, they looked fantastic. Still wouldn't want to get my fingers any closer […]

Ghost Crabs & Puffers (RIP)

A down day. A break. Time to relax. Kick off your shoes. That's the kind of day we needed and that's the kind of day we had. Of course, being me, I had to roll in some aspects of exploration into it and I'd not properly been down to As Sifah apart from driving to […]

Dimaniyat Island Diving

The Dimaniyat Islands are one of the key dive locations in Oman, so to spend two days diving there, plus a night camping, was something not to be missed. Euro Divers had organised the trip to coincide with Eid al Adha – the Islamic holiday celebrating the sacrifice. The Omanis celebrated with most of the […]