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What Lies Beneath… the Salma Plateau

One final adventure in Oman, and one that I'd backed out of a couple of times. The road up to the Salma Plateau was known to be a tough drive and steep. Since the rains recently, I'd not wanted to venture up the route on my own, so when The Guide Oman said they were […]

Muscat at Night

After the sun has gone down and the temperature begins to fall to a level most people can bear, the walkways and parks of Muscat come alive with families. Riyam Park near the Souk in Muttrah is a well visited getaway for after dark picnics, fun fair rides and strolls along the corniche.

Sinbad’s Sohar

The long road that leads north from Muscat is just that. Long. But with a bit of inspiration I set off to go see Sohar and the northern parts of Oman. Myth has it that Sinbad the Sailor was actually based from Sohar, rather than Baghdad as is in the classic book Arabian Nights. Either […]

Welcoming 2013 by camping at Fins

Goodbye 2012, you've been a very good year. A VERY good year indeed! Away from Oman, so many things happened that I'll smile about and remember for a long time to come, but also the opportunity to live in Oman has also been one of the key highlights. We saw 2012 out with a great […]

Trafalgar Charity Dinner @ The Grand Hyatt

I'll give it to the Navy, they know how to put on a good evening of food, drink and entertainment. A few of us from work went to the Trafalgar Charity Dinner in the Grand Hyatt Muscat, hosted by the Royal Navy. In true Naval style, the timetable was rigid, with a prompt 1945 sit […]

Custard Apples

Custard Apples! They need no further introduction. Although they look a bit like an artichoke, are messier than a child's interpretation of modern art and more pips in than Great Expectations, they taste amazing. A friend picked these from the King's Gardens in Salalah and I've got to admit, when the box was brought into […]

The Great Kabab Factory

“Where the Kabab is King” We went out for dinner last night to The Great Kabab Factory in al Khuwair and all I was told was to make sure that I had lunch early enough! Ah, now what I didn't realise was that The Great Kabab Factory was an all you can eat type restaurant […]