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What Lies Beneath… the Salma Plateau

One final adventure in Oman, and one that I'd backed out of a couple of times. The road up to the Salma Plateau was known to be a tough drive and steep. Since the rains recently, I'd not wanted to venture up the route on my own, so when The Guide Oman said they were […]

Welcoming 2013 by camping at Fins

Goodbye 2012, you've been a very good year. A VERY good year indeed! Away from Oman, so many things happened that I'll smile about and remember for a long time to come, but also the opportunity to live in Oman has also been one of the key highlights. We saw 2012 out with a great […]

Yiti & As Sifah – A (Short) Journey East

I started off the week trying to decide which direction to drive this weekend for my day trip, and although you're restricted to going inland (rather than driving into the sea), there are SO many options! I'd been told about the secluded camping spots of Yiti and the lush beaches of As Sifah to the […]