What Lies Beneath… the Salma Plateau

One final adventure in Oman, and one that I'd backed out of a couple of times. The road up to the Salma Plateau was known to be a tough drive and steep. Since the rains recently, I'd not wanted to venture up the route on my own, so when The Guide Oman said they were […]

The Chains

Easter weekend meant that I had four days to play with, and having spent a day relaxing around Al Qurum Park and the beach, I felt the need to find a new wadi. North from Muscat lies Wadi Hawasinah, a short drive from the coastal road. The drive brings you closer back towards the mountain […]

The Mystery of Snake Canyon

Was it worth the wait? Hell yes! I'd wanted to go down Snake Canyon since first picking up the guide book over 18 months ago, even before I'd arrived in Oman. Another bonus was that to get there, we needed to go down Wadi Bani Awf once again, somewhere that I will never get bored […]

The Well Fortified Wadi Al Hawqayn

February bypassed me in Oman. We spent two weeks elsewhere in the middle of the month and then had a weekend after the holiday to recover (!), leaving us then in March! So, after a short Hiatus, I went back on the road. It had been a while since I'd explored anywhere new in the […]

Another look at Wadi Bani Awf…

On our first attempt to traverse Wadi Bani Awf back in November, we realised that we'd taken the wrong route when it was a bit too late to turn back. Now, that wasn't a bad thing; it turned out that taking the wrong turning meant a beautiful drive over a high pass in Wadi Bani […]

Wadi Dayqah & As Suwayh: Two Polar Opposites

With friends visiting, I had to find a route that would both be a great first trip for them in Oman, as well as something new for me. Now, I'm not running out of day trips per se, but seems as though they only had a week here, I didn't want to waste a day. […]

The Persian Steps: Following in the footsteps of Armies

Today, my calves are aching and I'm planning on having a relaxing day. Yesterday however, I was raring to go on a walk up a little known route that a friend had pointed out to me in “Adventure Trekking in Oman”. I suppose the “Adventure Trekking” part of the book title should have rang bells […]