So long, Farewell…

It’s been a few months since I moved back to the UK from Oman and a lot has changed. We moved back into our house, we’re now married and Christmas is slowly encroaching. It’s November – time for fireworks, hot spiced cider and making a fire in the evening. I can’t help but remember the […]

Dhofar: the end of Oman

For a brief moment, it crossed my mind to actually drive down to Salalah. With petrol being so cheap in Oman, it would be quite a road trip of 1000km from Muscat, travelling the length of the country. And I probably would have made the 10-hour drive, if I didn’t have to drive back! A […]

Musandam: Camping on the very tip of Oman

The second leg of our road trip took us into the Musandam peninsula – a small Omani enclave to the north of the UAE looking out of the Straits of Hormuz and across to Iran. Although small, Musandam packs a punch with most of the land covered with a mountain range. The plan was simple, […]

And so it begins…

“Oh wow, what a great place. It's such a lovely country, I loved spending time there. You'll have a blast!” It's a response that I heard a lot about Oman, and one which was said with such enthusiasm. It's quite incredible that Oman is a country that is not on everyone's “To Do” list, and […]