A Room with The View

Right before the skies blackened and the winds howled, we had a gentle sunset and a few beers. That didn't last too long though, sometime after 10pm, the stars slowly disappeared behind a black mass of cloud. It was around then that we battened down the hatches and secured ourselves inside the tent to await […]

Into the Mountains: Day One – Nizwa & Co.

I don't know why, but I'd driven through Nizwa to get to Jebel Shams and beyond a couple of times, but hadn't stopped. Very much like my travels past Quriyat until I decided to stop and bumble around. Thankfully, this time we'd factored it into our trip. We arrived just after 11am, when the food […]

What? There’s more to Wukan?!

So, as it turns out, there was more to Wukan than I originally explored back in August. I'd previously done the whole Rustaq Loop in one day, albeit in a rush, quickly scouting the area for hot spots to bring friends. But if I'd only stepped around an extra corner in Wukan, I would have […]

Trekking the High Road: Part Three (Route W6 to the abandoned village)

After a full on day of trekking Jebel Shams, we were quite happy to take a shorter walk! I was surprised enough to find that my legs would move after the 11 hour trek up Shams, let alone be able to take another walk today. As Sab (previously Sab Bani Khamis) is an abandoned village […]

Trekking the High Road: Part Two (Route W4 up Jebel Shams)

Ah, route W4. The route that any walker would want to do in Oman, the trek up to Jebel Shams, the highest point in the country (apparently). We'll come onto that later. We stayed at the Jebel Shams Resort, which has incredible views of the sunset over neighbouring mountains and is near to the viewing […]

Trekking the High Road: Part One (Routes W8 & W10h)

We usually spend two weekends a year in the Lake District back home in the UK, and is a place that we’ll miss for a while yet. Thankfully, Oman has a pretty good answer to the Lakes – the Western Hajar mountains, and is a place that I’ve been eager to explore since arriving. So […]

Jebel Akhdar Camping HQ

Since arriving, I've wanted to get out there and go camping, and this weekend, we finally got round to it. It did mean that I had to start a-fresh with all my camping gear (have a garage full off the stuff back home, but couldn't fit it in my freight to bring with me). It […]