Birkat al Mauz

A quiet little place that is bypassed by many tourists in favour of the mountain road right next to the village, that leads up to Jebel Akhdar. The village is Birkat al Mauz, and it must next on the list outside Muscat for an intriguing history. The original village of Birkat stood on the side […]

Lonely Corridors

Taking a stroll around the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, it seemed taxing to find a quiet spot without tour groups. Even in the far corners, the guides knew where their group would capture a nice view of the dome atop the mosque. So everywhere we went, a group loomed behind us like a […]

Bahla’s Old Town

Taking a walk through Bahla's old town, you'd think it deserted long ago, but then out of a small alley walks a local Omani woman carrying a washing basket on her head in the midday heat. Whether she has walked from a more populated area behind the crumbling houses settled next to Bahla's old fort, […]

Sinbad’s Sohar

The long road that leads north from Muscat is just that. Long. But with a bit of inspiration I set off to go see Sohar and the northern parts of Oman. Myth has it that Sinbad the Sailor was actually based from Sohar, rather than Baghdad as is in the classic book Arabian Nights. Either […]

The Holy Day

There are definitely more than two ways that people can spend their time on a Friday in Muscat, but being the Holy day in the Islamic week, you can bet on your camel's hump that one of them will be time spent in prayer.

The Intricate Details of Nakhal Fort

Although it's not approaching the time when I have to start revisiting areas due to lack of interesting locations, on the contrary my dear Watson, returning to these places allows me to see them from a different angle. Whilst looking for a new wadi to “bash”, a friend had mentioned that there was a route […]

Trekking the High Road: Part Three (Route W6 to the abandoned village)

After a full on day of trekking Jebel Shams, we were quite happy to take a shorter walk! I was surprised enough to find that my legs would move after the 11 hour trek up Shams, let alone be able to take another walk today. As Sab (previously Sab Bani Khamis) is an abandoned village […]