Surf & Sand near Fins

Stopped off near Fins Beach for a quick look a the surf and came across a few friendly crabs scuttling in between the rocks on the beach front. With bright red streaks on their legs, and blue and orange speckles on their backs, they looked fantastic. Still wouldn't want to get my fingers any closer […]

Welcoming 2013 by camping at Fins

Goodbye 2012, you've been a very good year. A VERY good year indeed! Away from Oman, so many things happened that I'll smile about and remember for a long time to come, but also the opportunity to live in Oman has also been one of the key highlights. We saw 2012 out with a great […]

Ghost Crabs & Puffers (RIP)

A down day. A break. Time to relax. Kick off your shoes. That's the kind of day we needed and that's the kind of day we had. Of course, being me, I had to roll in some aspects of exploration into it and I'd not properly been down to As Sifah apart from driving to […]

Docks of yesteryear

I'd wanted to see what Quriyat was all about. As a town, I'd passed by multiple times, but always on the way to another town, on another day trip, with another intention; this time, I actually intended to visit in Quriyat. Although not the most exciting prospect for a day trip, I didn't want to […]

Yiti & As Sifah – A (Short) Journey East

I started off the week trying to decide which direction to drive this weekend for my day trip, and although you're restricted to going inland (rather than driving into the sea), there are SO many options! I'd been told about the secluded camping spots of Yiti and the lush beaches of As Sifah to the […]

Sharqiya Sharqiya!

“Don’t worry, they won’t bite your toes off!” Indian boy to his sister when dipping their feet into the waters of the Bimmah Sinkhole. It initially felt slightly counterproductive to be driving into the mountains to go investigate the coast east of Muscat! But checking the map, it all makes sense. We headed back over […]