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So long, Farewell…

It’s been a few months since I moved back to the UK from Oman and a lot has changed. We moved back into our house, we’re now married and Christmas is slowly encroaching. It’s November – time for fireworks, hot spiced cider and making a fire in the evening. I can’t help but remember the evenings from Oman at this time of year with their cool breezes and temperate climate – a beautiful time of year to be in Oman.

I made some great friends and travel buddies whilst in Oman and will never forget the time we had together. The locals I met were wonderfully welcoming and the sweet rose water tea still lingers on my my tongue. I will never forget the night I woke whilst camping under the stars on the Salma Plateau; with no light pollution the Milky Way was as clear as the constellations. I could see the colours in the Milky Way and the definition of the clusters of stars – I don’t think I’ll ever see it quite the same way.

I remember the Omani man I stopped to ask for directions in the Western Hajars, who had four women chuckling in the back of his car at this lost white man. He was a lovely local who steered be back on track towards Snake Canyon. Another time, a family offered for me to join them for a picnic whilst I was on a walk – their hospitality was second to none and the food smelt wonderful.

It’s for these reasons why I will miss Oman so much; the Omani people are friendly, the winter climate is sublime, and the rocky deserted scenery has it’s own charm.

I hope to go back in the future to show others what I discovered and loved.


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