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Bahla’s Old Town

Brightly painted front to a fallen house in Bahla's old town district

Taking a walk through Bahla's old town, you'd think it deserted long ago, but then out of a small alley walks a local Omani woman carrying a washing basket on her head in the midday heat. Whether she has walked from a more populated area behind the crumbling houses settled next to Bahla's old fort, or emerged from one of many cracked buildings in front of us remains unknown. What mattered, was that locals still roam the lanes and alleys of Bahla's original mud housing estate in their day to day lives.

Crumbling exterior of an uninhabited mud brick house

A fallen roof, crumbled walls and sunken floors were characteristic of Bahla's old town

It was of course pretty empty in the middle of the day, with the sun beaming down on the backs of our necks. The only others wandering around we're a few other tourists hoping for a glance of the newly renovated Bahla fort. Unbeknownst to all of us, the fort was still only on temporary opening hours on Thursdays & Fridays, so the closest we could get was at the rather splendid iron cannon guarding the front entrance from the road. May be another time, I will get the opportunity to see inside this monster of a fort.

The monstrous Bahla Fort, newly renovated, and unfortunately, closed today


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