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Wadi Dayqah & As Suwayh: Two Polar Opposites

With friends visiting, I had to find a route that would both be a great first trip for them in Oman, as well as something new for me. Now, I'm not running out of day trips per se, but seems as though they only had a week here, I didn't want to waste a day. Turns out Wadi Dayqah and Wadi as Suwayh was a pretty good choice!

Reservoir at Wadi Dayqah

Wadi Dayqah dam - a ferocious funnel of water made the ground vibrate right on top of the outlet

We started our trip with a morning at Wadi Dayqah dam, driving up what seemed like a pretty quiet and humble wadi. The village itself has been dwarfed my the mighty dam, which was built very recently to create a huge reservoir further up the valley. The roar of water passing through the dam could be heard as we approached the foot of the dam at a viewing platform. The two extremes were evident: looking left down the wadi towards the village was a beautiful teal green river, with pools of bright green water. Families were camped out under shade with picnic blankets and BBQs roaring. The smell of food over the fire was enough to make us settle for lunch soon after! However looking right, towards the dam, a huge monstrosity of concrete spanned the valley, with a roaring funnel of water gushing out of the overflow for the dam. The spray was a welcome addition and the sight was actually pretty spectacular. I'm not used to seeing such large man made structures down these quiet wadis. Behind the dam is a fantastic emerald green lake spanning back between spurs of rock and into the mountains. Shame there is no swimming in such an amazing body of water – it was pretty tempting!

The dam casting mesmerising shadows

It wasn't long unfortunately until we needed to move on. We had set out to conquer a route from Wadi Dayqah through the hills to As Suwayh to make sure that we had a dip in some wadi pools to cool off towards the end of the day.

As we arrived at As Suwayh, and approached the pools in the base of the wadi, a Land Cruiser in front of us steadily lowered itself to the bottom of the pebbled wadi crossing. Once there, it paused briefly before deciding that driving through the pool would get them to where they needed and forcefully drove the 4WD through water that breached their bonnet and made the car bob from side to side briefly before the wheels gained their traction again and it emerged, dripping, on the other side. I wasn't taking the same chance!

However, we parked up, found an amazing little spot at the side of the wadi to dip in and whiled away our time cooling off before heading back to Muscat for some well earned dinner!

Wadi As Suwayh - pools to die for


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