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Welcoming 2013 by camping at Fins

Goodbye 2012, you've been a very good year. A VERY good year indeed! Away from Oman, so many things happened that I'll smile about and remember for a long time to come, but also the opportunity to live in Oman has also been one of the key highlights.

The crackle of our fire, smell of spiced meat on the BBQ and camping on the beach - heaven!

We saw 2012 out with a great camping trip on Fins beach along the east coast of Oman from Muscat. After pitching the tent, collecting a few shells and watching the sun set, we popped open a bottle of wine and watched an unexpected spectacle.

As the light dimmed, the waves lapped on to the beach in a rhythmic cycle, drawing us into a hypnotic state. But as the darkness enveloped us, we could see in the crashing waves the bright crackles of blue light – bioluminescence. And not just every now and again. With regularity, the breaking waves would illuminate in a blue light dance as far down the beach as we could see. It was an amazing sight, and one caused by microbes in the ocean responding to the energy of the waves breaking. It was stunning and kept us entertained until we both crashed into bed!

The Muscateer camp as the sun rose in 2013

2013 started at just before 7am for us, when we awoke at sunrise to see the warmth of the rising sun over the Eastern Hajar and taking the edge off the coolness of the night air. Let's hope 2013 will be as good as last year – something tells me it will be better.

Happy New Year!

Warmth of the sun shining down on the Easter Hajar

The start of another good year hopefully; our camp by the sea


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