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Sinbad’s Sohar

The long road that leads north from Muscat is just that. Long. But with a bit of inspiration I set off to go see Sohar and the northern parts of Oman. Myth has it that Sinbad the Sailor was actually based from Sohar, rather than Baghdad as is in the classic book Arabian Nights. Either […]

Surf & Sand near Fins

Stopped off near Fins Beach for a quick look a the surf and came across a few friendly crabs scuttling in between the rocks on the beach front. With bright red streaks on their legs, and blue and orange speckles on their backs, they looked fantastic. Still wouldn't want to get my fingers any closer […]

Another look at Wadi Bani Awf…

On our first attempt to traverse Wadi Bani Awf back in November, we realised that we'd taken the wrong route when it was a bit too late to turn back. Now, that wasn't a bad thing; it turned out that taking the wrong turning meant a beautiful drive over a high pass in Wadi Bani […]

Wadi Dayqah & As Suwayh: Two Polar Opposites

With friends visiting, I had to find a route that would both be a great first trip for them in Oman, as well as something new for me. Now, I'm not running out of day trips per se, but seems as though they only had a week here, I didn't want to waste a day. […]

Welcoming 2013 by camping at Fins

Goodbye 2012, you've been a very good year. A VERY good year indeed! Away from Oman, so many things happened that I'll smile about and remember for a long time to come, but also the opportunity to live in Oman has also been one of the key highlights. We saw 2012 out with a great […]