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Ghost Crabs & Puffers (RIP)

Timid as they come; this Ghost Crab waited about 5 min to emerge from its hole!

A down day. A break. Time to relax. Kick off your shoes. That's the kind of day we needed and that's the kind of day we had. Of course, being me, I had to roll in some aspects of exploration into it and I'd not properly been down to As Sifah apart from driving to it before and adding it to the list of places to revisit.

Although I understood we probably couldn't have kept on our feet another day without that down time. This made an afternoon on As Sifah beach an ideal place to spend some time. Oh, and also, someone needed a break after the adventures of yesterday (no names mentioned).

A Puffer fish retrieved from the beach, courtesy of my Dad

So queue, sun bathing, reading, watching Ghost Crabs going about their business, Dad bringing back the remains of a puffer fish (thanks for that) and me & Jo trying to save the lives of washed up sea snakes and jellyfish. Well, actually, I think they'd been out in the sun a bit too long already, so we put them back in the sea and hoped they'd be ok.


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