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The Intricate Details of Nakhal Fort

Crimson rocks of the Western Hajar

Although it's not approaching the time when I have to start revisiting areas due to lack of interesting locations, on the contrary my dear Watson, returning to these places allows me to see them from a different angle.

Whilst looking for a new wadi to “bash”, a friend had mentioned that there was a route linking the two sides of a mountain range. Firstly, this meant an end to hauling the car along the mundane highway each time we took a trip west, and secondly, it was a wadi! The route lead us from Muscat to Fanja, and then a road linked Fanja through a wadi to Nakhal, where we wanted to end up. I'd already visited Nakhal Fort, but it's a superb reconditioned fort, overlooking the date palm plantations (greenery!) and up over Jebel Nakhal with its beautiful crimson rock.

The opportunity to take some detailed photos of Nakhal jumped out at me, rather than the landscape and surrounding area, which i so readily snap away at. So, here we are, a few photos showing the details of Nakhal Fort.

A grand entrance, no?

A restored cannon sits a top an exposed watch tower

Some of the many rifles and artefacts exhibited in the fort

The turreted roof on one of the many look out towers of the fort

Seeking shade? Try one of the many archways with views of the fort

A room for resting, but not a restroom

Traditional Omani coffee pot


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