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Docks of yesteryear

After the Trafalgar Charity Dinner, I wanted a taste of the sea!

I'd wanted to see what Quriyat was all about. As a town, I'd passed by multiple times, but always on the way to another town, on another day trip, with another intention; this time, I actually intended to visit in Quriyat. Although not the most exciting prospect for a day trip, I didn't want to go by the town again until I'd seen it for myself.

Lines of dinghies along the shore

Quriyat is a town on the East coast of Oman with a previous history of being a large fishing port. Since commercialism and large scale fishing industries, Quriyat has been left behind slightly and now is a sleepy, but charming, fishing town. The town sea front shows off a neat corniche, and I'm sure the fact that I visited on a Friday added to the quiet ambience all around. Locals sat in the shade next to their prayer mats, waiting for the call to prayer from the local mosque, and goats roamed freely along the corniche (even here!), and even finding shade amongst the construction shell of a new building.

I couldn't help but think that the town's heyday had been and it was now in retirement. This is one of the only places in the area I'd visited where there wasn't much sign of development – a blessing in some ways.

Not much to protect any longer, but the fort was still in immaculate condition

Looking back over Quriyat's sleepy corniche

The town is protected by a sea wall and fort, looking out over the fishing grounds, whilst small fishing… dinghies, for lack of a better word, sat hauled up on the shore. Piles of fishing nets littered the sands, with anchors and lobster boxes resting in the sun. Quaint, but eerie feel to the small town harbour and not a fisherman in sight. Hopefully this little town is awash with life on any other day than the holy day.

Fish nets & floats


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