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Into the Mountains: Day Two – Hives & Holes

Best day of the year; woke up in a luxury camping hotel, the sun had already started to warm the side of the mountain, fantastic breakfast with family, more off-road tracks to be explored, no work today, oh yeah, and I'd turned the grand old age of 30 this morning! This is the first time […]

Into the Mountains: Day One – Nizwa & Co.

I don't know why, but I'd driven through Nizwa to get to Jebel Shams and beyond a couple of times, but hadn't stopped. Very much like my travels past Quriyat until I decided to stop and bumble around. Thankfully, this time we'd factored it into our trip. We arrived just after 11am, when the food […]

Ghost Crabs & Puffers (RIP)

A down day. A break. Time to relax. Kick off your shoes. That's the kind of day we needed and that's the kind of day we had. Of course, being me, I had to roll in some aspects of exploration into it and I'd not properly been down to As Sifah apart from driving to […]

The Wadi Triplets: Sahtan, Awf & Kharus

One trip I've been wanting to do since discovering the Omani pastime of 4×4 driving, has been through Wadi Bani Awf, the route that systematically gains praise from most day trippers and locals alike. Wadi Bani Awf could be a long day trip in itself, what with the little villages and canyons to explore, but […]

The Wonders of Wadi Shab

I'd been saving this one for for a while; for a time when I had visitors, for a time when the air was cooler to do the walk comfortably and for a time when it would be quieter. So with my family visiting from the UK, my better-half in tow (not literally), cool air, a […]

The Holy Day

There are definitely more than two ways that people can spend their time on a Friday in Muscat, but being the Holy day in the Islamic week, you can bet on your camel's hump that one of them will be time spent in prayer.

What? There’s more to Wukan?!

So, as it turns out, there was more to Wukan than I originally explored back in August. I'd previously done the whole Rustaq Loop in one day, albeit in a rush, quickly scouting the area for hot spots to bring friends. But if I'd only stepped around an extra corner in Wukan, I would have […]