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Trafalgar Charity Dinner @ The Grand Hyatt

My invitation for the Trafalgar Charity Dinner. Ship's log, stardate 2012...

I'll give it to the Navy, they know how to put on a good evening of food, drink and entertainment. A few of us from work went to the Trafalgar Charity Dinner in the Grand Hyatt Muscat, hosted by the Royal Navy. In true Naval style, the timetable was rigid, with a prompt 1945 sit down and speeches.

Just before dinner started, we had a round of sea shanties – I've got a couple of friends who would have died to be there, just for the shanties! The dinner was superb, resting on the main course of a “Baron of Beef”, which was paraded around the room beforehand by the head chef. I didn't even make it to the cheese buffet later on! The Royal Navy had generously thrown in all drinks, and the cheese course was accompanied by a bottle of port on each table. Suffice to say, I did quite well at necking most of that throughout the rest of the night!

Roll on the next ball – we had a wail,of a time!

Heave away, haul away!

The grand cake that had been made; it wasn't cut during the night though! Shame

Shaky photo dictates how much port I had partaken in



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