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Wadi an Nakhur: From the lowest point!

To think that an hour ago, we were at the top of this bad boy!

To round off our trip into the Western Hajar, we finished on a quick trip down Wadi an Nakhur, the valley that we had walked around the top of for the past couple of days. With both cars in convoy down the wadi, we spent the next 2 hours with our necks craned backwards looking at the top of the steep cliff sides. Take a look…

The entrance to the wadi started steady, wide and easy, passing the abandoned village of Ghul. As we travelled into the wadi, the walls became closer to the edge of the road and towered over the track, leaving little to the imagination! We were definitely up close and personal with the wadi walls. It gave me the impression of being watched over with no escape. Thankfully, there were no adverse weather conditions forecast, so we were going to be fine this time!

At the end of the wadi lies Nakhur, where traditional goat hair rugs are woven and hung to air in a sheltered hut. You could see the seam in the middle of the larger rugs, which denoted where the two sides had been sewn together because the loom that they made with was only so wide. If the rugs weren't so itchy, I'd have been tempted! Oh, and surprisingly, there wasn't anyone around to barter a price (very unusual!).

The view driving up Wadi an Nakhur

Errr, not even the XTerra could get over this! Guess this meant the end of the road

...so we headed back to civilisation


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