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Trafalgar Charity Dinner @ The Grand Hyatt

I'll give it to the Navy, they know how to put on a good evening of food, drink and entertainment. A few of us from work went to the Trafalgar Charity Dinner in the Grand Hyatt Muscat, hosted by the Royal Navy. In true Naval style, the timetable was rigid, with a prompt 1945 sit […]

Dimaniyat Island Diving

The Dimaniyat Islands are one of the key dive locations in Oman, so to spend two days diving there, plus a night camping, was something not to be missed. Euro Divers had organised the trip to coincide with Eid al Adha – the Islamic holiday celebrating the sacrifice. The Omanis celebrated with most of the […]

The White Wadi

It was the first time back to the Rustaq Loop since I had circumvented it back in August, shortly after I arrived in Oman. I quickly remembered the boredom of Route 13, taking you from the coastline at Barka all the way through to Rustaq town. As far as you can see to the west […]

Thunder & Lightening

Would you believe it's taken two-and-a-half months for the first rain to fall in Muscat since I arrived? The storm started to brew from about 4pm when I was by the pool and slowly started to blacken the sky. It lasted a good four hours through dusk and into the darkness; that's when the camera […]

Little Dune Buggy: Wahiba Sands Desert Crossing

The one thing that pulls off-roaders to Oman, must be the dunes in the Empty Quarter and Wahiba Sands – with sand dunes reaching 100m high in Wahiba, we set out for a three day, 176km, cross-dune, camping, off-roading extravaganza! DAY ONE We arrived at Mintrib, the entrance to Wahiba Sands, at about 6pm and […]

Wadi an Nakhur: From the lowest point!

To round off our trip into the Western Hajar, we finished on a quick trip down Wadi an Nakhur, the valley that we had walked around the top of for the past couple of days. With both cars in convoy down the wadi, we spent the next 2 hours with our necks craned backwards looking […]

Trekking the High Road: Part Three (Route W6 to the abandoned village)

After a full on day of trekking Jebel Shams, we were quite happy to take a shorter walk! I was surprised enough to find that my legs would move after the 11 hour trek up Shams, let alone be able to take another walk today. As Sab (previously Sab Bani Khamis) is an abandoned village […]