Custard Apples

Custard Apples! They need no further introduction. Although they look a bit like an artichoke, are messier than a child's interpretation of modern art and more pips in than Great Expectations, they taste amazing. A friend picked these from the King's Gardens in Salalah and I've got to admit, when the box was brought into the office and I was told there were “custard apples” in there, I expected toffee apples on a stick, filled with custard. I didn't realise they were a fruit!

...have the texture of a dog's paw

They are one of those fruits (and veg) that I tend to encounter for the first time, look at them from all angles, then turn to someone with a sceptical glance and ask, “how the devil do you eat that?!”. The answer was easy: tear it open, gorge on the insides and spit out the pips… but do it over the bin / paper towels / outside, because it's messy.

After the first, I'd quite happily have another – it does actually taste like custard! That's the great part. And kind of has the same texture too. The next good point about custard apples: they're healthy!

Also, look like a dinosaur mutation


2 comments on “Custard Apples

  1. WHAT!!! i’ve never heard of that in my life, and i work in food! beautiful, i MUST try one! where the heck are they from?!

  2. In Oman, they’re relatively common apparently, but this is the first time I’ve come across them! I’ve never seen them in the UK, or anywhere else outside Oman for that matter.

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