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Between Dunes and Pools

So there we were, sleepy and dazed after attending the 4am turtle tour at Ras al Jinz. Not the ideal way to start a day, but we were both still on a natural high after watching the hatchlings make their way slowly down the beach and back into the Gulf of Oman to start their […]

Turtle Power

To get the chance to witness green turtles nesting on the beaches of Oman was quite special. The Ras al Jinz Turtle Beach Reserve is pretty well set out to cope with an influx of eager tourists wanting to see the turtles, and, to their credit, at least they limit the number of tourists to […]

Yiti & As Sifah – A (Short) Journey East

I started off the week trying to decide which direction to drive this weekend for my day trip, and although you're restricted to going inland (rather than driving into the sea), there are SO many options! I'd been told about the secluded camping spots of Yiti and the lush beaches of As Sifah to the […]

Custard Apples

Custard Apples! They need no further introduction. Although they look a bit like an artichoke, are messier than a child's interpretation of modern art and more pips in than Great Expectations, they taste amazing. A friend picked these from the King's Gardens in Salalah and I've got to admit, when the box was brought into […]

Jebel Akhdar Camping HQ

Since arriving, I've wanted to get out there and go camping, and this weekend, we finally got round to it. It did mean that I had to start a-fresh with all my camping gear (have a garage full off the stuff back home, but couldn't fit it in my freight to bring with me). It […]

Sharqiya Sharqiya!

“Don’t worry, they won’t bite your toes off!” Indian boy to his sister when dipping their feet into the waters of the Bimmah Sinkhole. It initially felt slightly counterproductive to be driving into the mountains to go investigate the coast east of Muscat! But checking the map, it all makes sense. We headed back over […]