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The Great Kabab Factory

“Where the Kabab is King”

The Great Kabab Factory logoWe went out for dinner last night to The Great Kabab Factory in al Khuwair and all I was told was to make sure that I had lunch early enough! Ah, now what I didn't realise was that The Great Kabab Factory was an all you can eat type restaurant for OMR 5.900 (~£9)! The penny dropped, but my expectations didn't, because I could see the excitement on my friends face about going there.

Great thing about this place is that the waiters are dressed in blue working overalls… which don't quite fit in with the style of the restaurant inside. Brilliant coordination guys, but apparently the manager likes it that way! We sat down and soon after, we were brought a steady selection of meat and fish that we started to devour. We arrived at about 8 when Ramadan prayers started, so the place was pretty empty and service was pretty darn good.

We started with Galouti Kabab, which was a fine minced lamb with Indian herbs served with a small parantha bread, followed swiftly by a charcoal grilled chicken tikka on the bone, a boneless chicken piece grilled with green herbs, some seekh kabab (shish kabab, of course) and a small fish fillet deep fried in batter with Indian spices (imagine fish and chips with an Indian twist!). The Galouti Kabab was by far the best, but the chicken was also really juicy.

Just when we thought it all done, and we were stuffed, out came the Chicken Biriyani course! The manager pretty much force fed you like you were being farmed for your liver, “only one spoonful for me thank you sir”, to which we received the reply, “but you should eat and eat and eat. You can fit more in… yummy for your tummy!”. Well, that was the end of that argument; 3 spoonfuls of Biriyani and I was done. Oh, except a light desert as well.

Overall, I really liked The Great Kabab Factory, not the grimy Kabab shop I was expecting! Will definitely be adding it to my list of places to dine with friends. Best of all, I now have a take away menu.

Location: Seeb International Airport, P.O.Box 720, Al Khoudh 132, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Telephone: 24478373



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