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Tour de… Oman?!

One unexpected highlight of the flight over, was a programme on the 2012 Tour of Oman, raced back in February. Rather than watching a film, this got me in the mood for the blistering temperatures that would await at the end of the flight. In February, the temperatures were reaching 27 degrees centigrade, some of the coolest for the year! The run down of the stages gave a really good background for some of the Wadi's and scenery around Muscat, including some stages through the mountainous coastline, which looked amazing.

I've got a certain housemate to thank for my recent interest in cycling, and after watching the Tour de France this year, I learnt a lot about the riders and the rules… which finally make sense! So to see the same familiar faces starting their race from the Sultan's Al Alam Palace in Muscat gave a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

I'll definitely be watching out for the the tour when it visits again in early-2013, as it will undoubtably begin in Muscat. In the meantime, I've added a few of the locations that it passed through to my list of paces to investigate! The list grows ever longer…

Stage 1: Al Alam Palace (Muscat) to Wadi Al Huwqayn, and Rustaq

Stage 2: Sur to Wadi Dayqah, Quriyat

Stage 3: Wadi Bani Awf, near Awabi, to Bank Muscat HQ, Muscat

Stage 4: Bidbid to Al Wadi Al Kabir, Muscat

Stage 5: Royal Opera House, Muscat, to Jabal Al Akhdar (Green Mountain)

Stage 6: Al Khaud village (near Seeb) to Matrah Corniche, Muscat


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