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And so it begins…

“Oh wow, what a great place. It's such a lovely country,
I loved spending time there. You'll have a blast!”

It's a response that I heard a lot about Oman, and one which was said with such enthusiasm. It's quite incredible that Oman is a country that is not on everyone's “To Do” list, and yet I found that I came across many people that had visited, or it was high on their wish list. I'm still to come across anyone who has a negative word to say about Oman and I get the feeling that it will still be some time to come until I do.

I'm currently sat in the departure lounge, in good time for my flight out to Muscat. Quite an eerie feeling leaving home for a year. Over the past week, it's been reinforced that I have some great friends and supportive family at home who are glad / sorry to send me off for a year (take your pick!), but who all know there's a home for them in Muscat if they want to visit.

This also started me thinking on how best to keep in touch with friends and family who are 3,620.06 miles away (yes, the 0.6 miles is VERY important). The obvious answers are email, telephone, Skype (if you're down with the kids). None of these are very conducive to sharing my experiences though; for getting a feeling of what Oman is like on a personal level. You're reading my answer to that.

Although I don't plan using this site to keep in touch with people (that's where the traditional communications come into play), having people's comments on what I'm seeing, posting and sharing will hopefully add to the site. At the end of the day, this will become my record of my experiences in Oman and a lasting note on a short section of my life that I'm sure to fondly remember and look back on.


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