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Back to Reality

Ramadan finished with Eid al Fitr just over a week ago and the change in Muscat is incredible! During Ramadan, all shops were closed during the afternoon, people were resting during the day, the roads were unusually quiet and the city generally just seemed like such a sleepy town. Of course, it was a great […]

The Rustaq Loop

My tiny off-road adventure last weekend got me excited about getting out and about in Oman, so with Eid upon us and work closing down for a couple of days, I headed back out onto the open road to take in some castles and some amazing wadis. The Rustaq Loop is west of Muscat and […]

Venturing Further Afield

Given that I’ve been in country for a couple of weeks (almost), I figured that it was time I travelled somewhere other than work or the supermarket. All plans went awry when I didn’t wake up until 10am! Ho-hum. But I was still determined to get out of the city for just a couple of […]

The Great Kabab Factory

“Where the Kabab is King” We went out for dinner last night to The Great Kabab Factory in al Khuwair and all I was told was to make sure that I had lunch early enough! Ah, now what I didn't realise was that The Great Kabab Factory was an all you can eat type restaurant […]

The Village Sheikh

“When I was young, I used to sit with my friends fishing on the beach and I would stare at tour boats of Europeans with intrigue” Fahad is a diving instructor at Euro Dives in Muscat, and took us out on a couple of dives last weekend. I met up again with Fahad at a […]

Tour de… Oman?!

One unexpected highlight of the flight over, was a programme on the 2012 Tour of Oman, raced back in February. Rather than watching a film, this got me in the mood for the blistering temperatures that would await at the end of the flight. In February, the temperatures were reaching 27 degrees centigrade, some of […]

And so it begins…

“Oh wow, what a great place. It's such a lovely country, I loved spending time there. You'll have a blast!” It's a response that I heard a lot about Oman, and one which was said with such enthusiasm. It's quite incredible that Oman is a country that is not on everyone's “To Do” list, and […]